How attachment to mother in early life affects adulthood

Posted on 02, Aug 2016

Psychiatrist and psychologist John Bowlby (1907-1990) is famous for his work on how children form attachments, particularly to their mothers, or mother substitutes.



He described the strong affectio ... more>>

Interview with Carlos Kelly,President of Social Care Ireland (SCI) 2016

Posted on 10, May 2016


Q) Last year, the Social Care Registration Board had just been appointed and SCI were moving towards becoming&n ... more>>

The First Cut is the Deepest

Posted on 12, Aug 2015

Self-harm takes different forms. And it is on the rise in Ireland, especially among young people. So why has so little been done to make teenagers aware of the dangers of what is both an addiction and an illness? Write Here Write Now 2nd level ... more>>

Professional Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) trainer

Posted on 14, Jul 2015


Social Care Training Ireland are delighted to have a Professionally Certified TCI trainer on our team. Bernie Breen is o ... more>>

Social Care Training Ireland’s newsletter

Posted on 14, Jul 2015

Welcome to the first edition of Social Care Training Ireland’s newsletter.

It is our aim to publish regular newsletters to keep you informed of developments within the social care sector, new and updated training courses, speci ... more>>

Interview with Carlos Kelly,President of Social Care Ireland (SCI) 2015

Posted on 14, Jul 2015

Speaking to Social Care Training Ireland, Carlos Kelly, President of Social Care Ireland (SCI), had this to say:< ... more>>

Female Sexual Offenders

Posted on 19, Jun 2015

Author: Dolores Martin

The following essay will attempt to devise an academically supported Social Care practice policy and procedure that addresses the underlying issues associated with sexual offending. The essay will focu ... more>>

Authorities 'abdicated duty' to ensure protection

Posted on 26, Feb 2015

AN INDEPENDENT report on how the State handled the cases of 112 children who died while in contact with social services has found authorities “abdicated their duty” to protect the welfare of many vulnerable young people.CARL O'B ... more>>

The Developing Self

Posted on 26, Feb 2015

Essay: The Developing Self This report involves conducting a replicate project of the study by Montemayor and Eisen (1977) concerning the self-conceptions among adolescents. The aim of the study is to evaluate the information, to contrast its o ... more>>

Health and Safety Matters - Manual Handling Explained

Posted on 26, Feb 2015

Manual handling activities have multiple scenarios, but the obvious manual handling scenario is the common occurrence of lifting a pen off the ground. Now, an adult ... more>>

What is Intercultural education?

Posted on 26, Feb 2015

Intercultural education is based on respect for human diversity and is a philosophy that acknowledges and values the distinctive qualities of all cultures within the framework of universal human rights. It promotes a model of cultural exchange ... more>>