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Every organisation both public and private that is providing services for vulnerable people in our society that is in regular contact with service users should identify a Designated Liaison Person to act as a liaison with outside agencies and a resource person to any staff member or volunteer who has a concern. The Designated Liaison Person is responsible for ensuring that the standard reporting procedure is followed, so that suspected cases of abuse or neglect are referred promptly to the designated person in the appropriate authority or in the event of an emergency and the unavailability of the Authority to An Garda Siochána. With this in mind Social Care Training Ireland has put together a training course designed for anyone who is currently working in the role of the Designated Liaison Person or any individual who may be moving into this role.  

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The training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to perform the role of a Designated Liaison Person. Participants attending this course will learn the following:

  • The duties and responsibilities of a Designated Liaison Person
  • Standard Reporting Procedure
  • Writing Reports and Record Keeping
  • Information to be included in a report
  • Procedure to be followed for cases not reported to the appropriate Authority or An Garda Síochána
  • Legal Protection
  • Freedom of Information

After attending this training participants will have gained knowledge in all aspects of the role of Designated Liaison Person. Safeguarding Vulnerable people continues to be the responsibility of all staff working within an organisation and the Designated Liaison Person acts as the go to person for staff if they are concerned but in terms of their responsibility to safeguarding it will be the same as everyone else.     

Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Designated Liaison Person training

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10am to 01pm. 4th June 2024. WEBINAR, WEBINAR,
Webinar (R93NV06)


This is a one day (3 hour) course


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