Guidance on Quality Documentation Procedures for Social Care Professionals (Galway)

The Guidance on Quality Documentation Procedures for Social Care Professionals training course is for anyone that is responsible for the recording of information. Report writing is a complex task requiring good understanding and judgement, empathy, sensitivity, and good written communication skills. Reports or documents may be to inform, to record or to persuade. Writing reports is a similar process to assessment; the person writing the report gathers information, organises and logically presents information, and concludes. The Freedom of Information Act 2014 and the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003 are important components of the training and will be explored in detail throughout.


Course Objectives

  • To explore the principles of professional report writing and recording of information
  • Components of a good report and objective report writing
  • Explore Confidentiality in relation to report writing
  • To consider some of the pitfalls of recording through group exercises
  • To inform participants about structuring and editing reports
  • To give participants an understanding of how legislation can influence the recording of information
  • Examine why we write reports and what a professional report consists of
  • Effective communication skills and consistency
  • Legal proceedings


This training will explore how participants gather information. Participants will be supported to read critically, with objectivity and without discrimination. At the end of the course participants will:

  • Be confident with their use of vocabulary in reports
  • Know how to eliminate information that is not necessary in reports
  • Be confident in their knowledge of current legislation, including the Data Protection Act(s) and Freedom of Information Act
  • Participants will be informed of their responsibilities as report writers
  • Be informed of the possible penalties which occur in false reporting or omitting important information from a report


Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Guidance on Quality Documentation Procedures for Social Care Professionals

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