Auditing of Residential Care Services

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Effective and efficient organisations are those that have a structured approach to quality and auditing. The ‘Auditing of Residential Services’ training has been developed to support and guide residential services thinking, planning and delivery of care practices. The training is firmly orientated towards quality, safety, transparency and continual development to improve the experiences for service users, staff, management and external monitoring.

While the current national standards for children’s residential (2001) people with disabilities (2013) and the elderly (2016) provide a framework to audit all elements of your organisation, this training will provide organisations with a system to ensure the practical application of quality, and measurements for continual development.

The HIQA themes address all elements of a quality service incorporating different themes of governance and management, the environment, staffing, development and health, rights, protection and quality of life. This training provides a strategic approach to improving quality whether at the front-line, management, board or national level. It has a clear aim to steer organisations towards a culture of quality control that continuously seeks to provide safe, effective, person centred practices across all services.

Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in the Auditing of Residential Care Services


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This training will assist organisations develop an auditing system which will measure their organisation against national standards, provide templates and auditing documents, build managerial competence, and assist your organisation in preparation of monitoring or inspections.

Outcomes of the Training

  • Understanding of auditing procedures for care organisations.
  • Assistance in developing policies and procedures for auditing in your organisation/service.
  • An informed macro and micro perspective of unplanned activities in your organisation.
  • Framework regarding the development of corrective, preventative and root cause analysis for continual development.
  • Comprehension of Senior Management structure, quality planning and organisational drive behind quality systems.
  • To be informed in the change management and resources required for an organisation to operate internal auditing systems

Contact & Location

10am to 04pm. 11th September 2020. Dublin, Swords,
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This is a one day (6 hour) course


SCTI Certificate of Attendance