Conflict Resolution (Cork)

Conflict is sure to arise many times throughout our lives, which is inevitable. How we deal with it however is what can cause further stress or enhance our learning and interpersonal skills. In order to effectively deal with conflict, we must firstly be self-aware.


Just how many roles do we have within our day to day lives-mother, father, sister, brother, employee, student, son, daughter, friend or colleague? We have many of those roles that we must manage simultaneously. This can be hugely stressful as the demands and expectations placed on us within each of these roles is massive. This can cause inner conflict as we do battle with ourselves daily. Self-care and awareness are key areas to address before we can become group aware and then even begin to manage conflict outside of ourselves. It isn’t always possible to resolve conflict completely but we can strive to manage it using negotiation and mediation where necessary. 


This Social Care Training Ireland training course covers all aspects of conflict and places particular emphasis on organisational conflict. 


Course Outline

  • Conflict definition
  • Role conflict and its relativity
  • Self-awareness in relation to role conflict and the workplace
  • The effects of stress on the individual and others
  • Group awareness, behaviour modification and constructive relationship building
  • Self-regulation strategies, active listening and coping strategies in the workplace
  • Conflict in relation to the workplace and conflict management
  • Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes


Aims and Objectives

  • Define conflict
  • Explore role conflict and its relativity
  • Examine self-awareness concepts in relation to role conflict and the workplace
  • Explore the effects of stress on the individual/others
  • Discuss self-regulation and coping strategies in the workplace
  • Explore conflict in relation to the workplace and conflict management


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an insight into various role conflicts
  • Be able to differentiate between constructive and destructive conflict
  • Improve stress management, self-awareness and active listening skills
  • Be able to understand group awareness, behaviour modification in order to maintain constructive relationships
  • Improve mediation skills and be able to manage conflict effectively


Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Conflict Resolution 


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