Art and Education in Applied Social Care (Dublin)

Rationale and Purpose of the Course:

Lower educational attainment is shown to place people at a greater risk of poverty, social exclusion and poorer health. This course is an opportunity for professionals involved with persons in care, with disabilities and in older age to engage in leading educational and learning sessions in Art therapy and alternative educational approaches.

The course will contribute to fulfilling human potential and to individual capacity in general. A life course perspective on education recognises that educational needs differ along the lifespan. This module will address the largely unmet educational needs of persons in care, with disabilities and the older persons across different settings. With lifelong learning, a principle underpinning European and National educational policy, there is a requirement for education and care practitioners to be skilled in this area.


Course Content:

This course will address European and national educational policy in relation to lifelong learning and the right of older people to engage in education and training. The current gap in educational attainment between younger and older persons and people with disabilities will be explored in identifying the distinct educational needs of different persons.

The principles underpinning adult education will be identified and their appropriateness to children, people with disabilities and older persons’ education assessed. Research about children, people with disabilities and older persons’ education and learning preferences, their reasons for participation or non-participation in education and learning activities will be explored.

Factors that facilitate or hinder participation in education will be identified. Current educational opportunities and developments, locally and nationally specific to the needs of vulnerable people will be explored. Participants will identify how they can incorporate educational opportunities for vulnerable people into their role in a variety of settings.

Intergenerational aspects of education and training will be addressed.


Course Outcomes:

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Outline European and National Educational Policy
  • Describe the distinct educational needs of children, people with disabilities and older persons
  • Examine current limitations to and understanding of the concept of Lifelong Learning
  • Assess appropriateness of current adult education principles and practices to vulnerable people
  • Identify opportunities for intergenerational education and training
  • Design, implement and evaluate an educational session for clients in their work setting
  • Assess and challenge current service provision in relation to education of vulnerable persons
  • Defend the right of vulnerable persons to access a range of educational opportunities
  • Assist vulnerable persons to overcome personal and societal blocks to participation in education


Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Art and Education in Applied Social Care

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