Alcohol and Drug Awareness (Cork)

Among the most serious threats to the positive development of our youth is alcohol and drug use. We should be informed as adults to educate young people about the dangers of alcohol and drug use, and to offer healthy activities as alternatives to social situations that may present temptations to young people. We must also be cognisant of young people’s social history and worldview in relation to alcohol and drug use. It is only through learning and exploration that we can be more self aware of our perception of drug use and what it means to others.

This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of principles and practices of Alcohol and Drugs awareness when working with young people. It is particularly useful for people working on a voluntary or professional basis in counselling roles, social care, social work and for anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of drug use and abuse.



  • To discuss the impact of alcohol and drug use on society
  • To give participants an insight into why teenagers begin using alcohol and drugs
  • Provide information on what the most common kinds of drugs used are and their effects
  • How to recognise the early signs of alcohol or drug use
  • Information of drug paraphernalia
  • Share knowledge and experiences to begin to deal with alcohol and drug usage before it becomes a problem



  •  Introduction to drug use and misuse:
    • History of alcohol and drug use
    • Alcohol and Drug terms
    • Differences between depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens and tranquillisers
    • Potential effects that alcohol and drugs have on individuals
    • Understanding of the law in relation to alcohol and drugs
    • Effects of alcohol and drugs in different environments
    • Statistics relating to alcohol and drug use
  • Levels of drug use, risks, and harm reduction:
    • Understand the different levels of alcohol and drug dependency
    • Stages of changing behaviour
    • Methods of harm reduction, including experimental, recreation, dependency, the cycle of change, harm reduction
  • Types of treatment interventions available:
    • Understand what types of treatment interventions are available
    • Identify national contacts which provide advice and information


Certification: Social Care Training Ireland Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Awareness


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